• "Le camping est définitivement fermé depuis le 31/12/2022" 

Conditions of sale furnished apartment


Every person staying on campsite a minimum of one night has to show its identity papers. You will be asked for your name, first name, address, e-mail, phone, birth date and number of the vehicle (s).
Is considered as participant every person included babies. Babies less than two years are free (chlldren under six years old, cannot be accepted for safety reasons).
Minors unaccompanied from their parents will be not allowed.


Complaints will be accepted if they are dated, signed, exacts as possible and relatively news.


Services and products to be sale must be paid straight away in cash or debit card (minimum 10 €).


Minimal booking of 7 nights from june 25th 2022 to august 27th 2022 and from saturday afternoon to saturday morning
Booking takes effect once the tenant has sent to owner contract correctly filled out and signed, with 25 % reservation deposit (deducted from final bill), an insurance "holiday civil liability", and after checking availabilities. In case that booking will be done less than 45 days before your arrival date mentioned on contract, the total of stay will be asked.
Booking fees are free.

Once we have received contract, 25 % reservation deposit in and the insurance "holiday civil liability", a writing acknowledgement of receipt will be given or sent.

Every cancellation must be notified by registered letter (postmark doing proof).
In case of cancellation of your stay, the reservation deposit and/or the balance will be kept.  According to article L221-28 on the right of withdrawal, this does not apply to the provision of accommodation services.

In  case that you should arrive later or leave earlier than dates mentioned on your contract, customer has to inform owner as soon as possible.
The period booked on contract will be billed for.

Balance is to be paid at least 45 days before your arrival date mentioned on contract. Period booked will be paid. Prices included water, electricity and heating. Tourist tax is 2,30 euros per person (from 18 years) and per night.
In case of non payment, owner is allowed to have freely the rental and without any reimbursement.

Rental is available between 4pm and 8pm, on your arrival day. 
Rental must be checked out between 8am and 9.30am, on your departure day.
For any departure after 9.30am, an extra night will be billed for.
If tenant does not arrive in the 24 hours following arrival day (until following day 4pm) contract will be cancelled, the total payment will be kept by owner, which has freely his rental.

From France : cheque / bank transfer. 
In case of cheque without funds, contract will be cancelled and owner will have freely his rental.
From abroad : bank transfer. 


Payment is to be paid on the arrival day, at the entry into places.
Tourist tax is 2,30 euros per person (from 18 years) and per night.
An insurance "holiday civil liability", will be asked.

Rental is available between 4pm and 8pm, on your arrival day. 
Rental must be checked out between 8am and 9.30am, on your departure day.

For any departure after 9.30am, an extra night will be billed for.



The caution of 400 euros will be paid 45 days before the arrival day by cash.
It will be given back at departure after inventory of fixtures.
In case of deterioration, the caution will be kept and collect after getting an estimate for the repairing of places. Should the cost of damage be more significant, the caution will be kept until the insurance of tenant has settled the complete payment.


Any complaint regarding to inventory of fixtures at disposal in the rental and cleanliness, has to be made within 24 hours (until following day 4pm) after handover of keys. Pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors and blankets provided (people wishing to bring their bed linen must inform reception as soon as possible). Sheets and pillowcases will be provided by your care.
The tenant will be responsible for all objects on inventory of fixtures and will have to reimburse it and if necessary held for repairing.
The tenant is asked to report immediately any kind of deterioration that occurs during his stay.  


The client will be in full possession of rented spaces. The rental starts and ends with dates indicated on contract.
The tenant, person who has signed contract, can in no circumstances claim any rights to extend the period of stay at the end of renting.
The rental established between the two parties of contract cannot be passed to a third person, except in case of agreement of owner. If number of tenants exceeds the capacity indicated on contract, without any agreement before, owner reserves himself the right to either break contract without any reimbursement or collect an increase.


Animals are not allowed due to cause allergies.
Our quiet time is between 10.30pm and 8.00am (july/august) and between 10.00pm and 8.30am (april/may/june/september).


Visitors cars must be parked following owner advice and not outside of it, nor on the property opposite.
Visitors must leave before 10.00pm.


Maximum capacity of 4 people and surface area of approximately 30sqm for a furnished apartment. Electricity 220 volts. 
Customer car must be parked on camping on pitch indicated by owner and not outside of it, nor on the property opposite.
Barbecues are forbidden.


Every person staying on the campsite has to be correctly insured, against all kind of damages, which could engaged its responsability (holiday civil liability), as well as for a booking cancellation.


In case of serious or repetitive infringement to conditions of sale, and after warning as above, the owner may cancel the contract and ask customer to leave right away. No reimbursement when payment has been made.


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